I am often called “Mrs Google” as that is how most people know me and Google Ads usually play a major role in online marketing strategy. And of course Google is where I took my first digital marketing steps (you can read more about me here) and one of my biggest training clients, so calling me Mrs Google does make sense.

However, that title doesn’t do justice to the breadth my experience. In the past I have worked on marketing strategies, paid advertising campaigns, organic social media growth and performance measurement and analysis. I am in an excellent position to help you and your company with any digital marketing challenge and can train your team on any of the above topics and beyond.

Digital Marketing Projects

Use my expertise to get your digital marketing projects off the ground: launches, audits, analyses, agency selection, inhousing projects and much more.


Bring your team up to speed on the latest developments in digital marketing or on a specific channel.

Christina is among the best when it comes to everything related to Google Ad Products.
She helped us setup up our Google Search + Shopping ads and drive the campaigns very efficiently, eventually setting them on Auto-pilot. She allowed us to quickly scale our advertising on google and unlocked a strong, sustainable and robust revenue opportunity.

Gaurav Agarwal VP Growth at Molekule
Gaurav Agarwal

We get regular advice from Christina on our marketing strategy and our Google Ads campaigns. Her perspective and experience makes for great input and helps us to successfully acquire new customers for our online shop.

Jennifer Gottschling CEO, MeinMonogramm
Jennifer Gottschling

I’ve hired Christina on numerous occasions and will work with her again. Her Digital Strategy, Analytics, Performance and Research skills are the best in the industry. Her knowledge is based on practice and she’s a great mind to bounce strategy ideas off. She’s exceptionally professional, focused and results-driven. I enjoy working with Christina and I trust her on client and indeed my own business projects. She’s my go-to Googler and Digital Strategist. Her personality and enthusiasm are an extra bonus, you need positive minds on tough projects. She’s honest and will tell you how it is, which I admire and her hunger for knowledge is evidence that she’s on top of her game. She possesses great international experience and this is valuable on multi-market projects.

Joanne Sweeney-Burke Founder at Digital Training Institute
Joanne Sweeney-Burke