Optimize your Google Responsive Search Ads with the Power of AI

RSAPRO is an ad-copy tool built specifically for Google Ads that creates ad copy elements at a push of a button and implements them easily through Google Ads Editor

Create Responsive Search Ads Elements in Minutes

Feeds your RSAs Diverse Inputs

Create semantically diverse copy elements to maximize the power of Responsive Search Ads

Create Compliant Ad Elements

Frustrated by AI tools that don't respect character limits for paid search ads? Our always does!

Seamless Ad Editor Uploads

Simplify your process with our savvy data architecture and display – seamlessly upload to Google Ads Editor

Scale across Ad Groups

Easily reuse content across multiple ad groups while controlling for total number of headlines and descriptions

Why we built this

When AI ad copy tools first sprung up, we got really excited. But after trying them out, we got disillusioned quite quickly: the outputs exceeded the character limitations and were not very original. And implementing the few good ones into my campaigns was a very tedious process (like all RSA management is).

So we set out to build our own tool, specifically for Google Ads requirements. It writes many creative varieties of headlines and descriptions that are easily replicated across adgroups. And then, they can quickly be implemented into  campaigns with Google Ads Editor.

Create Once and Reuse Ad Elements

Keep Track of Changes Across Multiple Ad Groups

Use Your Landing Page as Inspiration

Mix and Match Own and AI-Generated Content

How does RSAPRO work?


Upload your Responsive Search Ads in a spreadsheet. You can easily create that from Google Ads Editor.


Enter your product name and a summary of your offering. You can also generate a summary of your landing page with our integrated website summarizer.


RSAPro generates new headlines or descriptions for you.


You select the ones you would like to add to your RSA.


You download the new versions of your ads to a CSV and copy-paste this into Editor.

Who is RSAPRO for


English & German language campaign managers: At the moment, our language model supports English and German language campaigns best. We are working to integrate other language results. 


Experienced Google Ads users: You already know your way around Google Ads – RSAPro helps you generate ad copy elements, but does not create campaigns for you.

Created By a Xoogler

With over 10 years' experience as a Paid Search Specialist at Google and as Digital Marketing Head in multiple start-ups, plus her own agency, our CEO, Christina has been responsible for millions of pounds, euros and dollars in ad spend – and now, she's leveragign her expertise to create a powerful tool that transforms paid search copy workflows.

Get Early Access

We are running our beta and are inviting paid search power users for a free trial. If you are in-house or agency search marketer with profiency in Google Ads Editor we would love for you to join our beta.

Coming soon

RSAPro is currently in Beta and what you are seeing today is just the beginning. We are currently working on the following new features:

  • Language options beyond English and German (message us to prioritize your language)
  • More direction in the types of headlines the tool generates
  • Google Ads API integration for easier workflows

Let us know what you would like to see RSAPro do and we can make it even better together!


How much is the free usage limit?

It’s complicated 🙂 But while using the free beta you can use the tool to generate around 35.000 words for you.

Is it possible to go beyond the free beta usage limit?

Yes, there is. Please write us an email at app@capitalc.agency and we will be in touch.

I don’t know how to use Google Ads Editor. How can I use the tool?

We are working hard to make a version that connects directly to the Google Ads API, so no knowledge of Google Ads Editor is required. But if you do work with Google Ads, knowing how to use the Editor is a skill that can save you hours in a week, so you might like our founder’s online course on the topic.

I have feedback and ideas to improve the tool. Where can I send them?

We are always excited to hear your suggestions. Plase email us at app@capitalc.agency.

If you have any other questions, we are just an email away! You can reach us on app@capitalc.agency.

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