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Let me be your performance marketing fairy godmother.

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Does this happen to you?

    • You burn budget because you follow Google’s “Recommendations” without fully understanding the consequences?
    • You are not 100% sure, which optimizations are important and when to do them, so you always feel like you are running behind and your account is not set up for ideal performance
    • The constant changes and new Google Ads features drive you crazy and you ask yourself which ones are relevant for you and how you should apply them for your business
      • The Google support and your account managers aren’t helpful partners for your questions or problems
      • You gather your Google Ads knowledge from different corners of the internet and often find conflicting or outdated informations
      • You wish there was somebody who really knows what they are talking about to learn from and get answers to your questions

      Then my membership program is for you: Join the

      Google Ads Optimiziation Lounge!

      I am a Google Ads campaign manager, consultant and mentor. And I help marketing managers, freelancers and business owners run successful campaigns

      After more than 10 years of working with Google Ads I have created an optimization framework that always keep my campaigns in the best possible shape. I know exactly what and when I have to optimize to reach my goals. 


      And there are very few questions in the world of digital marketing that I cannot answer (or get an answer within a very short time) – maybe that is why my friends and old colleagues call me “Mrs. Google”.

      In my membership program, the Google Ads Optimization Lounge, you find my optimization framework including the ideal timings for each optimization task and detailed instructions so that you can keep your campaigns in shape at all times

      You get access to my knowledge in a structured and accessible format and can ask your burning questions either in the integrated forum or during our weekly live Q&A session.

      Join the waitlist now to be the first to hear when my Google Ads Optimization Lounge opens its doors.

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      As a Lounge Member you get

      • A monthly overview with optimization routines and tutorials – so you always know what and when you should do in your account
      • An ever-expanding library with explanations for different features & Google Ads topics
      • The possibility to ask your questions in the onpage forum – where we will get back to you within two days
      • Weekly Q&A sessions (30 minutes) where you can ask your questions live
      • 25% off my other online offerings and the possibility to book 1:1 sessions with me at all times
      Take your Google Ads to the next level.
      Join the Optimization Lounge!

      Join the waitlist now to be the first to hear when my Google Ads Optimization Lounge opens its doors.

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      I also have a few clients in the field of Google Ads and already know a lot, but I still had a few specific questions and wanted to learn more, so I approached Christina.

      Christina was able to answer all my questions and I learned a lot of new things that I didn't know. Now I can help my clients much better and know which levers to move and when to move them in order to achieve good campaign results. I will definitely book Christina again!

      Mirjam Kilter

      SEO Expert & Personal Branding Photographer

      We get regular advice from Christina on our marketing strategy and on our Google Ads campaigns. Her perspective and experience makes for great input and helps us to successfully acquire new users for our online shop.

      Jennifer Gottschling

      CEO at

      Christina is among the best when it comes to everything related to Google Ad Products.

      She helped us setup up our Google Search + Shopping ads and drive the campaigns very efficiently, eventually setting them on Auto-pilot. She allowed us to quickly scale our advertising on google and unlocked a strong, sustainable and robust revenue opportunity.

      Gaurav Agrawal

      VP Marketing at

      Christina delivers trainings for Google Partners an its different training programs such as the agency bootcamp.

      She is easy and pleasant to work with and always strives to deliver the best experience for her participants. The feedback we receive from the participants speaks for itself: Christina has incredibly extensive knowledge of all digital marketing topics, makes even complex issues easy to understand and creates a very enjoyable atmosphere in her trainings. Thanks a lot!

      Niklas Wilsing

      Produkt Marketing Manager at Google

      Join the waitlist now to be the first to hear when my Google Ads Optimization Lounge opens its doors.

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      Answers to your questions:

      Who is the Optimization Lounge for?

      For everybody who manages Google Ads campaigns: for their own business, as a marketing manager in a company or as a freelancer. You should at least have basic Google Ads knowledge – this is not a structured beginner’s course.

      How much time should I have for managing my campaigns?
      That always depends – how much is your budget, how granularly have you set up your campaigns, how much do you rely on automations and also: how much time do you have? As a rule of thumb I would say around three hours per week for a small account, but that can vary a lot.
      Shouldn’t I let an agency/an expert manage my campaigns?

      I have created the Google Ads Optimization Lounge, because there are a lot of advertisers out there for whom managing their campaigns themselves is the best solution.
      When you or somebody on your team manages your Google Ads, you can be sure that this person knows your products in and out and can react quickly when there are changes to your products, capacity or offering.
      These are the things which sometimes fall short in a collaboration with agencies, especially if you have a smaller budget and are not one of their bigger clients. Depending on your budget it might or might not make sense to work with an agency.
      Lots of agencies have minimum fees that can be the same as or higher than the ads budget for a small advertiser. When the agency fees are really low, my experience unfortunately shows that the service level of the agency is as well.

      Are Shopping, Google Display and YouTube campaigns covered in the membership?

      The main subject of the membership is Paid Search, but we are always expanding the content and I am very knowledgeable across platforms, so anything can be covered in the QA calls and if a certain topic you need is not yet sufficiently covered I can create some resources on this immediately.

      What if I need more support?
      As a member of the optimization lounge you can book 1:1 sessions with me for 25% off the normal rates and at all times (I only offer them to my wider audience based on my other workload, but will always make time for members). During these sessions we can talk about your questions in-depth or discuss strategic questions.
      Why is there no Facebook group or Slack channel?
      We have decided to use a forum in the member’s area of the website instead of a Slack workspace or a Facebook group. That is a bit oldschool, but the thinking behind it is that it is searchable, just as the rest of the membership content, so it will make things easier to find.
      What type of questions can I ask in the weekly QA session?
      In the weekly QA sessions you can ask questions, that can be answered in 5 to 10 mins max and that you are comfortable having other members listen to as well. If a question is more complicated and of general interest, then we should probably create some content for it. We do not record the calls (except if you submit a question beforehand and cannot join live, then we will record the portion that answers your question), so any information you share stays within the group of the people present on the call. If you would like to have an in-depth discussion about your campaigns and your strategy you can always book a 1-1 session with me.
      What if I cannot join the QA session?
      If you cannot join the call for some reason, you can send your question in beforehand and we discuss it and record the answer, which you can then find in the membership area. Or, if your question can be dealt with in writing you can ask it in the website forum and we will reply there.
      Can I learn Google Ads as a total beginner in the Google Ads Optimization Lounge?
      The membership has been created for users who already have at least a basic understanding of Google Ads, all resources build on that. If you want to learn the Google Ads basics, please have a look at my other offers.
      What happens when the membership fee for the optimization lounge increases?
      It absolutely is! Some members in the German version of the membership are experienced freelancers and digital marketing managers – because even they have questions or doubts about the best approach sometimes and find it a great sounding board.
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