Google Ads & Performance Marketing 1-1 Sessions

Get the best results from your campaigns

If you want to…

  • Ask and get answers to your questions and hands-on recommendations
  • Get feedback on your campaigns or your performance marketing strategy
  • Learn directly and individually from one of the best performance marketing strategists out there

You should book a 1-1 session with me.

Examples for topics

Conversion tracking strategy and setup

Consulting on your reporting setup

Campaign setup & feedback

An assessment of your marketing potential

Feedback on your ad copy and creative

Answers to all your performance marketing questions

If you want to be sure that I can help you, send me a message with your questions or topics.

I also have a few clients in the field of Google Ads and already know a lot, but I still had a few specific questions and wanted to learn more, so I approached Christina.

Christina was able to answer all my questions and I learned a lot of new things that I didn't know. Now I can help my clients much better and know which levers to move and when to move them in order to achieve good campaign results. I will definitely book Christina again!

Mirjam Kilter

SEO Expert & Personal Branding Photographer

We get regular advice from Christina on our marketing strategy and on our Google Ads campaigns. Her perspective and experience makes for great input and helps us to successfully acquire new users for our online shop.

Jennifer Gottschling

CEO at

My Consulting / Coaching / Mentoring Sessions help:

  • Business owners with their performance marketing strategies, the ideal campaign setup, optimization and analyses
  • CMOs and marketing team leads as a sparring partner for strategy and targeted training and updates
  • Agencies and freelancers with their biggest client challenges

I had the good fortune of working with Christina at a previous company where I hired her for end-to-end display marketing needs. Then I discovered her YouTube series focused on Google Advertising trainings (Search/Display/Shopping/etc).

I was so impressed with her approach to explaining things just in the videos, I booked 1-1 sessions with her to dive deeper into my own Performance Marketing. Not only is she a real pro who knows her stuff but she adapts well to any industry. She had the answers to any question and the best part: she anticipates and is pro-active. I was able to take my own learning to a new level, and more importantly, I had fun doing it because her demeanor is very easy. Moreover, I have hired her again, at my current company. Thanks, Christina!

Margaret Barry

CMO, Lambda

This is how it works:

  • You find a time in my calendar and conveniently pay via Stripe
  • You will receive a contract that also covers an NDA (because “Ordnung muss sein” – as we say in Germany)
  • You fill in my briefing questionnaire until 48h before the session, so that I can prepare and find some resources to share with you. That way we can make the most of our time together.
  • After the session you receive a shared folder with the recording and any other resources that we discuss and I think you will find helpful.

Do you have any questions? Or you cannot find a time that works for you? Send me a message!

Working with Christina is efficient because she is super-organised and extremely results-driven. She does not sugarcoat performance or her opinions, which is refreshing and productive. She is the best there is in performance marketing – and on top of that is also a joy to work with. There is no one else in this industry I would use for our digital marketing, she is the best of the best!

Charlotte Todd

E-Commerce Director, CHAOS


What if I have to cancel or reschedule our appointment?

You can cancel or reschedule our session up to 48h before. Then I will start preparing and won’t be able to accommodate any changes and in the worst case you will lose out.

How can I get the most out of our session?

Let me know what you want to get out of the session and share topics and specific questions with me. You can share this with me via the briefing questionnaire – as well as some basic information about your business and campaigns so i can prepare myself accordingly.

What if I would like to book longer sessions, trainings for my team or a package of sessions?

Just send me a message – then we can chat and define what exactly you need and I can create a proposal for you.

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