Create and Optimize Google Ads campaigns at lightning speed

Learn how to use the Google Ads Editor – a powerful, free tool from Google – for incredibly fast campaign creation, adjustments and optimizations. In this online course, the Google Ads Editor Bootcamp, you get step-by-step instructions and exercises, because the best way to learn how to use the editor is by using it.

How much time do you waste on these things:

  • Manually changing final URLs in each ad group?
  • Time-consuming creating and copying / pasting ad copy into each ad group.
  • Hours of opening and editing every single campaign to change the same setting everywhere
  • Eternal loading times in the Google Ads user interface, although you actually wanted to “just briefly” look something up
  • Tedious restoring of campaigns because you don't have a backup

That's over now!

With the Google Ads Editor, you save an incredible amount of time on almost all optimisations.

And in my bootcamp, you'll learn how!

After completing the Google Ads Editor Bootcamp you will:

  • Navigate the contents of your Google Ads account in seconds
  • Make final URL changes for all your ads at once, saving time
  • Create campaigns, ad texts and keywords in minutes by using the Google Ads Editor in combination with Excel or Google Sheets
  • Make regular backups of your entire account
  • Use many other functions that do not even exist in the user interface.

I have been an absolute editor superfan for over 12 years and have probably saved hundreds of days of optimization time in total.

What actually is the Google Ads Editor?

  • A free tool from Google with lots of great features to make your Google Ads life easier and work on your campaigns much more efficiently
  • An offline application for Windows and Mac that allows you to make changes to your campaigns.
    • Changes are not live in your Google Ads account until you upload them.
    • Campaigns & elements are stored locally. So you can work on the go and navigate quickly at any time.
    • Easily export your campaigns: For archiving or sharing with your team

Time and time again I come across Google Ads users (like maybe you) who either don't know about the editor or say:

“Yes, I've heard of it before – but I don't have the nerves or time to familiarise myself with a new tool.”

I can't teach you the editor in your sleep, but in the Editor Bootcamp I explain all the important functions step by step and with exercises, so that you can apply what you have learned directly to your everyday optimization work.

What do you get in the Editor Bootcamp?

  • more than 30 training videos & more than 20 exercises
  • Exercise files for all tasks so you can learn all the features
  • Checklist of items to run through before uploading each new campaign to avoid costly and annoying mistakes
  • List of all important shortcuts so you can use the editor even faster

Are you ready?

more than 30 videos

more than 20 exercises for all important functions

Exercise files with sample campaigns for all tasks

Checklist for new campaigns

Shortcut Cheat Sheet

99 € | 99 $ | 96 £

(excl. VAT)

Why am I the best person to teach you how to work efficiently with the editor?

I'm Christina and I've been working with Google Ads and the Editor since 2010.

When I started my online marketing career at Google, in addition to my role as an account strategist, I also very quickly became a product expert for the Editor, trained new colleagues on the tool during their onboarding and was the point of contact questions that arose in everyday work.

Over the years, I have trained hundreds of colleagues and clients – so I know all the stumbling blocks and which explanations really help.


12 years of experience

Created and managed more than 1000 Google Ads campaigns

375+ Editor training participants

How is the Editor Bootcamp structured?

Module 1: Introduction, Installation & Orientation

We install the editor together, I give you an overview of the tool and we import the practice file together so that you are ready for the exercises.

Module 2: The most important functionalities

You will learn the basic functions that will become second nature to you later on: the different ways in which you can edit campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ad texts. 

Module 3: Complex Functionalities

After you have mastered the basics, we will create a complete campaign with the help of prepared tables. I'll also show you how to easily create ad texts for a special offer and automatically activate and pause them at the start and end of the offer.

Module 4: Finalizing Edits & Posting

In this module, I'll show you everything you need to do and know when you've completed your campaign creation or optimization and want to live-set your changes into your Google Ads account.

Module 5: More Functionalities

There are a few more functionalities that are not crucial in everyday optimization life, but are nevertheless very good to know: for example, adding target group segments or removing duplicate keywords. I will show you these in this module.

Module 6: General Information & Settings

Here I show you shortcuts, which file formats exist, how you can import and export them, which settings you can make in the editor and how you deal with updates.

Module 7: Wrapping Up

I will tell you how I use the editor in my daily work and for which tasks I prefer the online user interface, so you can build your own routines. I also speak about what I expect from the Editor in the future.

Module 8: Bonus

For managing Microsoft Advertising, your ads on Bing there is the Microsoft Ads Editor. I will introduce you to it in this bonus module.

What you get:

more than 30 training videos & more than 20 exercises

Exercise files for all tasks so that you get to know all the functions

Checklist of items to control before uploading each new campaign to avoid costly and annoying mistakes

List with all important shortcuts so that you can use the editor even faster

What customers say:

Christina not only knows a lot about online marketing, she is also very good at communicating her knowledge.

Christina taught me all the tricks for successful and effective work with Google Ads in a very short time.

Thanks to her training, I am now familiar with complex campaigns and can optimise them effectively and systematically.

Christina's tutorials are precise and easy to understand and a gold treasure if you want to understand what is important for good campaign and ad optimisation.

Marlene H.

Online Marketing Freelancer

I have known Christina for years and she is the absolute best in her field. Through her unique trainings, I was able to sustainably expand and deepen my knowledge in the area of Google Ads.

In the meantime, I also manage large accounts with high budgets without any problems.

Jan E.

Do you want to create more time for strategic tasks?

With the editor, frustrating, time-consuming optimisations are a thing of the past. It gives you more time to develop new initiatives – or to finish work on time. 

The most important information at a glance:

  • Time and location-independent training
  • Videos with step-by-step instructions and exercises
  • 7 modules and a bonus module on the Microsoft Ads Editor


When can I start?

Immediately. You get access to the Editor Bootcamp directly after purchase and can edit the modules at your own pace.

Do I need a Google Ads account for the course?

You need a Google Ads account, but you don't necessarily need to have active campaigns in your account. For all exercises in the course, there are exercise files with campaigns and input for the exercises, so you don't work on your own campaigns in the bootcamp.

Is the course also suitable for Google Ads beginners?

If you are a Google Ads beginner, you probably have other things to worry about than optimising efficiently. The course assumes that you know all the terms in the Google Ads universe and are familiar with the online user interface so that you understand the structure of the editor.

How long do I have access to the course?

At least as long as my business exists – and I have big plans for that. So you can always go back to the different exercises and refresh your knowledge or build it up piece by piece.

What do I need for the course?

A computer (Windows or Mac – I recorded the exercises on my Windows computer, but the two versions are functionally identical, only the shortcuts are different, of course). Ideally, you have either two screens available so that you can watch the videos on one screen and do the exercises directly on the other. Alternatively, you can watch the videos on a tablet or a second laptop. 

You can download the exercise files in the course area.

Is there support?

To make this course as affordable and accessible as possible, there is no live support element. However, if you are missing something or are absolutely stuck, please email me – the course may need to be expanded.

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