If you need digital marketing support in your organization you came to the right place. You might need an extra resource with deep expertise in different areas of digital marketing, help with putting together your strategy or somebody to assess your current activities and guide you on how to reach the next level.

I have more than eight years experience and have worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes – from high growth startup to public television stations – and helped them achieve their desired results. The projects I worked on are as diverse as the organizations they took place at.


Here are examples of the projects that I have worked on in the past:

Developing and implementing a scalable customer acquisition strategy for a B2B platform
Auditing and restructuring search marketing activities for a startup selling a high tech consumer product
Selecting the right performance marketing agency to help a healthcare startup scale their customer acquisition
Youtube content strategy for education channels
Social Media advertising strategy to support the launch of a television program


I will be able to help you with strategies and implementation that covers digital marketing as a whole or specific channels, setting up tracking, analysing performance, assessing potential partners or help with hiring the right team member.

Get in touch to have a free, no obligations conversation with me to see how I can help you.

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