How to share access to your Google Ads account

23 Sep, 2021

How to share access to your Google Ads account

If you want to give an agency (like us) or another external party access to your Google Ads account, they will probably ask you for your Google Ads account number. You can find it in the top right corner of the screen when you are logged into your Google Ads account.

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After sharing your Google Ads ID, the partner will send a connection request through the Google Ads “My Client Center” (MCC) account. When the request is sent, you will receive an email where you can accept the connection request and you can also see a notification in your account. An MCC is also called a “Client Manager” and most agencies and companies with more than one Google Ads account use these as umbrella account to manage access and integrations. That way, you as a client do not have to do any admin and for us as an agency it means we can switch between accounts easily. We also have built our optimization and reporting structure around our MCC. 

If you ever want to disconnect your ads account from an MCC, you can do so easily by clicking on “Settings and Billing” > “Access and Security”. This will first show you the list of regular users with access to the account, but in the top row you can select “Managers” which will show you all MCCs that your account is connected to. You can then click on “Remove Access” to disconnect your account. 

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If you only want to give somebody “Read Only” access to your Google Ads account, where you do not want them to be able to make any changes you have to add them as a regular user. MCCs automatically have standard access and there is no “Read Only” option. “Read-Only” access is sometimes used during account audits. You can set this up in your account by navigating to “Settings and Billing” > “Access and Security” and then will see the space where you can enter an email address and select the access level you want them to have.

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If you have any questions on this while connecting your accounts, we are happy to help – just email your account manager.


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