Hi, I am Christina, Performance Marketing Expert with over 12 years of experience – as a Googler, inhouse and now as a consultant.

My programs, content and services help businesses and online marketers to run efficient campaigns and reach their growth goals.

More about me…

I am 37 years old, was born in beautiful Münster in Germany and studied Marketing and Communications. After many exciting episodes in my professional life, among others at Google in Dublin I moved to London, where I have been living since 2017. If I am not creating and optimizing digital marketing campaigns, consulting with clients or creating content I am probably training for a race, practising yoga or discovering new restaurants and other beautiful places in London and elsewhere.

Already when I was a child my favourite game was playing shop, selling wooden vegetables to my parents and brother and as soon as I was old enough I started helping out in my parents business. I have always been interested in business and consumers and how advertising influences people.

Communication Studies was a great topic for me to study in university, and during my studies I have worked in a marketing agency. At that time, digital marketing was still in its infancy, so I learned that “half your marketing budget is wasted, the trouble is you don’t know half.”

During my first job at Google I learned quickly that this does not apply to digital marketing and that it is very much possible to find out which part of the budgets is driving results. I had found my place. As an Account Strategist consulting Google advertisers I learned everything there was to know about Google Ads: how to create campaigns and optimize them so they get the best results.

After two years I left Google to work on the client side. I wanted to work with other marketing channels, learn about strategy, planning and tracking. I worked in different startups in Berlin, first as a channel manager for Google Ads and later as Marketing Director and Head of Marketing. I was leading teams, was in charge of large budgets and broadened my horizons and my understanding of all things digital marketing.

I started my own business in 2017 as a consultant and trainer and have worked with very exciting projects and clients ever since: Managed campaigns for inspiring organizations like Doctors without Borders and spectacular startups and helped very traditional organizations understand, embrace and leverage digital marketing channels. I also work as a trainer in the Google Digital Academy and both Google and Microsoft hired me to deliver their agency training programs and I have even been spotted on a Facebook stage once…

I love digital marketing and the opportunities that it offers for businesses, but there is only a small number of clients I can work with directly. Because I want to enable as many companies and professionals as possible, I have started creating online programs. In my first offering, the Google Ads Optimization Lounge you get access to all my Google Ads knowledge – and that is just the beginning.

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